Sean M. Rovito


I am a faculty member at the Laboratorio Nacional de Genómica para la Biodiversidad (LANGEBIO), a unit of CINVESTAV in Irapuato, Mexico. Research in my lab focuses on speciation, patterns and processes of species diversification, and phylogenetics. I use the bolitoglossine salamanders, a Neotropical group of the family Plethodontidae, as my primary study system.

The bolitoglossines are the only salamander group to attain high diversity in the tropics, and now represent an impressive adaptive radiation of nearly 300 species. My research seeks to understand the phylogenetic relationships between these salamanders, and use phylogenies to uncover the forces that have led to this high level of species diversity.

I am currently looking for both masters and PhD students for my lab in either of the two programs offered by my institute: Integrative Biology and Plant Biotechnology. Interested students should contact me by email.